Friday, February 24, 2012

EXPLODING the code!

As I've mentioned before, part of Zander's uniquely quirky personality is that he takes life VERY literally.

This leads to some fun conversations from time to time....consider this table school scenario.

"Zander can you READ these to me?" He does.

"Do you want to reconsider your answers?" He doesn't.  I'm wondering if we have comprehension issues.

So we go sentence by sentence to see what may be going on.

Will Tom smile if he is sad?

"You marked, yes. Does a person smile when he's sad?"

"I do to hide my sadness."

OK - I can count that correct.

Can Jane drive home?

"You left this blank. You need to check yes or no."

"I don't KNOW if she can drive home. How old is she? Does she have a driver's license? Has she learned to drive?

OK - I can see that.

Can a cat slide into home plate?

"I'm not sure why you would let a cat have the plates from our home."


Will you get a snake as a snack?

I plan to buy an anaconda after I leave home, because you will never let me have one....and five minutes later I interrupted...."BUT WILL YOU EAT THE SNAKE?"

"I might - if it's not a good pet."

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

and to think that in school noone would have had the time to ask him those questions and realize how much he truly does understand

Unknown said...

LOL!!! Makes perfect sense to me, and I had similar conversations with my son when we tried explode the code for a while!!!

Linda said...

Makes sense to me, too! Who wrote these ridiculous books anyway? :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I am enjoying that they help us talk through some of the cues he misses.....and I love seeing how his brain works. LOL

I also thought in a classroom (public or private) he would simply be marked would be assumed either he isn't reading or he isn't comprehending for a bit of time.....a good teacher would eventually catch it - but I'd miss the fun of living it with him. LOL