Friday, March 23, 2012

Ruth's Chicken Stew

Below is another wonderful meal that was brought to us this week. This is Fantabulous and fairly simple.

Boil boneless chicken in chicken broth and garlic pepper

Add cubed potatoes and a bag of mixed veggies

Add a can (or two) of diced tomatoes

When the veggies are tender, take the chicken out and shred it (or just chop it)

Add barbecue sauce (I use Bull's Eye corn syrup) and low sodium V-8 juice to your liking

Simmer as long as you like...the longer the better for blending the flavors

I don't have exact just depends on how much you are wanting to make.  For that batch, I used a whole bag of chicken breasts, 2 cans of tomatoes, about 6 potatoes, 2 large bags of mixed veggies, a bottle of barbecue sauce, and a large bottle of low sodium V-8 juice---it made enough for you all...Jessica and her husband, and my family.  

Choosing Joy!
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