Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Challenging Day

Some days are just plain hard...and today was hard around here.  I've put many things on the back burner since Michael's illness/surgery. Both Michael and I went back to "work" this week,  and both of us have enough to keep us busy 20 hours a day. ::snort::  

This is the  also the ONE week this month that is hard school schedule wise...both PWOC and MOPS  costs us two days of school so we are trying to get a lot done on M,W, F this week....and we are - but all in all it's been stressful.....I'm SO glad we did double duty with school that month when we were home taking care of Michael. 

Flesh Challenge! I've had to FIGHT with my old temper today.....and had several "successes" know the moments when you're trying so hard you have tears rolling down your face and you're saying to your 6 yo, "Please step away from me, I need a break." Just being real. That was a success. I did not yell. I certainly did not lash out in any way - but the struggle was mighty. Or the moment when you start to say something to your young adult and know that it's best to bite your tongue. That is also success.  I'm THRILLED to see the Holy Spirit was once again stronger...... So.....this cracked me up at dinner.  Michael was still not home at 6:20 p.m. so we began dinner. I asked Zander to pray. 

Child's Prayer: "Dear Heavenly Lord, please help Mom with her temper...and help Stacia not to be snotty. In your name Jesus, Amen."  ::snort:: Arielle and Nolan  looked at me in shock and I dissolved in laughter. I may not ask HIM to pray again for a while. LOL  We laughed till we cried....and it was not all Mom and Stacia around here, regardless of Zander's perception. The older kids also say that they don't know what it looks like when someone really loses their temper. 

Father keeps speaking to my heart. I know that THROUGH HIM, IN JESUS I can do all I'm called to do and be in this season...though I'm not strong enough...HE IS. I evaluate often during a day - "Where is the 5%? What is most important next?" and I so get Martin Luther's sentiments (was it him or Calvin or George Mueller)...."I have so much to do  I can't afford not to pray an extra hour or two this day." My paraphrase! This has been a good word for me to remember.....from Becky Shirey on one of my life verses....Be Still... I am a child of God, I am an ambassador of God. I can do all things through Christ who is my strength.

School Funny: We're in our LAST unit of Tapestry of Grace. We've been studying Rome. I decided a quick quiz was in order today.  

Me: "Who founded Rome?"

Zander and Stacia: "Romulus!"

Me: "Ok, Romulus and.....?"

Zander: "RAMEN!"

There you have it - Ramen and Romulus the founders of Rome.  We laughed until we cried - I've been doing that a lot today...and laughter is a good medicine.

More Points: 

Jared got his Driver's Permit today! We have hopes of getting a license before he leaves Japan.

We got our family caricature back from the frame shop.

Dinner was good.

When talking with Michael I realized my thyroid check is now 2 1/2 months past due - I'll get those labs done...may have something to do with the battle with the emotions...or it may be menopause....who knows? I have heard some women get positively postal and I am 48. I must be the only woman using acne cream and age fighting eye cream at the same time. 

I think that's all I can think of for the day. I'll go pick Jared up on base in an hour and a half....and then I'll really sleep....and tomorrow's a new day.....and maybe I'll get breakfast before 11:58 a.m. tomorrow.  WAIT it's MOPS so even if I don't get it together around here...they'll feed me  when I get there. ::snort::

Really, it's been a great day of proving once again I am WEAK but HE IS STRONG and is powerful in my weakness. It's all grace! 

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Jen said...

Um, could it be that you have handled a whole LOT of stress lately? How much stress can one person take without getting a little emotional? Could be thyroid, could just be needing to take a breather!