Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Earlier Love

Before God blessed us with Yuuki, the wonder dog, the highlight of our month was to go to Barb's. Not for haircuts but to play with Lucy.......

and Reeses. 

We had appointments scheduled for the week Michael came home from the hospital. I couldn't break away and so we simply cancelled. We finally got gussied up again today. Shew. It was time.  The above kids are pre-haircut.

It's always fun to visit with Barb and watch the kids play with these dogs. They began to worry what Yuuki would think, but we decided they'd just have to tell Yuuki these dogs were their loves before her...but they love her best now. ::snort::

Yuuki seemed to forgive them.

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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