Friday, August 31, 2012


I can't believe it. It worked. I don't think I told the whole story yesterday? Yesterday I mentioned stopping by the Realtor and asking for an Air Conditioner.  The kids have been sleeping in the living room and we truly ARE blessed to live off base and have any AC (though we wanted on base so badly 3 years ago ).

She DID put an extra AC in the home next to us before the new neighbors moved in. I asked. She asked how much longer we'll be in the house. She told me the landlord MAY agree to share the Y100,000 cost to put one in. I told her it gets really hot upstairs. She said, she'd talk to him about sharing the cost. 

I walked over to the listings of vacant homes. I noticed our home is the very highest priced home on the board (we have a couple of more in the neighborhood still empty).  I asked her how many AC's were in the single level homes. The same as ours. I said, "Yes, but look the rent is less and I bet the homes would stay cooler than our 2 story home. Hmmm."  

I left...and prayed if God forgave me for the subterfuge (as there is NO WAY I'm moving NOW to move in 11 months), the landlord would offer to put it in for FREE.  I know - bad theology! BUT this a.m. she called and told me he will put in an AC on Monday.... this is she is sort of a scary lady.  The phone calls themselves were funny - but the upshot is - we're getting an AC  in the middle upstairs room and we'll try to move air around with fans. 

I'm only hoping it isn't snowing by Monday. ::snort:: 

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Kristine said...

Oh, that *is* a blessing! We have a property manager who rents out our old house for us. She's scary too--I think it's a job requirement!

Hope this keeps you cooler!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It's going to be so nice - I hope. I figure if their rooms are still hot at least they can go sit in the library/computer room where they do school and be comfortable. We're going to try to circulate the cool air with fans.

Linda said...


Anonymous said...

ALL! RIGHT! Glad for you and enjoy the cool........ l/p mom t.