Thursday, September 20, 2012

Strange Sight

Does anyone else find things like this in their home? Zander wanted to see what made the timer work....we'll see if he can put it back together. ::snort:: 

The belt flew off the elliptical today while I worked out. I went on a bike ride instead. 

I enjoyed a blessed time of prayer with PWOC Japan Region VP. 

Full day of school today...The kids  enjoyed an afternoon  trip to the park while I visited with 3 women and worked through Ephesians chapter 1...we made a running trip through the commissary. 

I made tacos with ground turkey for the family and Spicy Lentil Tacos for myself.  We were blown away when Michael showed up at 5:30 p.m. Quite nice to have him home. 

Michael and I ran to Shimoda for produce while the kids cleaned up dinner. Alas, no nectarines or plums...but I got peaches, apples and kiwis for 50% less than the commissary. The plums and nectarines I got on Saturday were WONDERFUL. Maybe we can drive up Nanbu way and find nectarines. Sad to see watermelon season end. 

We read another few chapters from Gift From the Mikado. This is written by the first foreign baby born in parents who were the first missionaries in Morioka, Japan. Interesting read, amusing to see the changes in culture....and surprising to see how much is the same too. 

Boys are taking showers and we're calling it a night. 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Deja said...

One of the most memorable coop classes Erik ever took was the year he was 6 years old. A mom of only girls took on the 5-6 year old boys class. We were told to bring safety goggles and screwdrivers...she had gone to some garage sales and thrift stores and bought appliances. For the boys to take apart. Erik had a BLAST. And Marybeth earned her stripes ;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe G'Pa needs Alexander here to help him take stuff apart and then hopefully together again. :):):)

Goodness folks in Eugene/Springfield have take on the burden to interceed just now... very important.

The bible study Nadine and I are doing is on Ephesians. We are using the book 'Understanding Your Blessings in XChrist' by Elizabeth George. interesting & the ladies like to discuss it a lot.

The book your are reading about missionaries in Morioka sounds good. Will have to look it up.

Been praying for you all as your time in Japan is running out. Know it is hard to leave a land one has grown to love. PLUS enjoying and coming to know and love the culture. praying and fully understand your feelings.

We are in apple season just now. I am trying to make applesauce the way G'Ma Townsend did........ she pealed the apples, cut then in small chuncks, cooked and etc. she did not grind them so the sauce was a bit chunky and so good. Made some the other day with pear/apple (one thing) and it was so good. this was from trees Will/Sherri have.

love/prayers - Mom t

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Deja - what a great idea!

Mom - glad you are enjoying your study group.