Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bazaar 2012

The first year we were here there was no MOSC Bazaar.

The second year we were here I looked; but didn't buy.

The third year I thought it was our last year. I wanted a step tansu....and we bought one...which I still love.

I believe Michael is happy the fourth year is our last year.

I've been thinking about things I'd like to have before we leave Japan. I have a quilt from each state we've lived in. I have been debating about buying a REAL Kimono (as opposed to the ones I got from the Dirty Obi shop) to hang on the wall in place of a quilt. I'm always on the look out for artwork. I do want to buy some more Japanese dishes. I've recently seen a tea box - and now would like to figure out where to get one and cover it with washi paper.....just a few things..... ::wink::

We've promised the girls to replace their dressers...the drawers had caved in; they'd been repaired several times but it was really time to replace them - even though we move in a year.  The dressers we've been seeing were 1. spendy and 2. nothing special. Michael suggested we wait and try the Bazaar.....

Score - the girls picked out two dressers with hand painted blossoms on them.  They are very happy with them. I think these will last many, many years...and be a touch of Japan for them in the future.

I really, really had my eye on a Tibetan Trunk or cupboard.....but in the end...THIS seemed much more practical.  The Korean salesman tried to tell me I could put all my laundry in it...not OUR laundry. LOL

It's a Korean Medicine Chest - the writing on the drawers are the names of various drugs. It now sits in my living room and houses all our DVD/Videos.....and it MUCH nicer than the mess it replaced.

I would not have focused on this until the saleslady pointed it out - I love it.

I looked for Kimonos. There were some gorgeous ones. They were expensive. They were big. I wasn't sure if 15 years from now I'd want a Kimono to be the focal point of my house...and so I opted to buy an obi (pictured below) which will hang nicely on a wall and serve the same purpose.

 I filled my little wooden box with sea glass and it made the perfect nest for these washi eggs.

I also bought a few pieces of sea glass jewelry. I simply couldn't resist. We snuck Stacia a sweet piece which I'll give her at Christmas or for her next birthday. She's really young for it - but she loves it and she's been my sea glass collecting partner for these 3 1/2 years. 

I couldn't resist this wood block print. I LOVE the holiday the carp symbolize - boy's day. A kite is hung for each boy.... it is rare to find a print with FIVE carps...and so I got it. 

I did explain to Michael that I now have three big pieces of furniture from Japan....and I have nine I really need to buy about six more special pieces so they don't fight over them when "the time comes." He didn't buy it. Arielle didn't help my case by saying, "We'd never fight over your things, Mom."  I tried to tell them - I may need to buy more - just thinking of the kids; just thinking of the kids.

Seriously...other than dishes (and that may be a genetic flaw as I note my Grams and Mom sure collected a lot....I seemed to have escaped the bug until the last 7 years)......I think the tea box is the only thing I really want to find before I leave.

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
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Anonymous said...

You found some great treasures!
We have that drawing with the four koi. Very special times.

Anonymous said...

Sis: Hope you get a larger home here in the States to settle in.... why? We have lots of stuff needing permanent homes. :)

I love those eggs...we have severatl We also have the MUD egg Will made for me years ago before we even went to the Philipines. love/prayers - mom t.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mom, the mud egg is certainly the most priceless. LOL

Anonymous said...

Beautiful things!