Thursday, October 04, 2012

Fantastic FRIDAY!

The missing days of blog post are easily summed up this way:  "We continued to push hard with school and  life's obligations so we can enjoy Friday Field trips (which I'll blog about next)." 

We had planned to visit a couple of museums in Hachinohe....the main motivation being I was tired of long drives where I was responsible for getting us home. ::snort::  Michael surprised us by actually TAKING his CTO (day off) this week...and he's not preaching this week so will have Saturday free too...surprise blessings.  It was fun having him with us and this insured we did NOT get lost and made it home in time for dinner with Jim, Marvie and children. ::snort:: 

We went to two of the three sites I'd thought to visit....we were overwhelmed. Very nice experience - I have no clue why so many tell you to go to Aomori when such rich cultural experiences are just up the road in Hachinohe! 

Michael wanted to stop at "our beach" - Momoishi Community Coastal Area  - and we had just enough time to make it happen.  We were surprised to find they are building something BIG. This made me a bit sad as the project will probably take up the remaining of our time here and we do love walking on this beach. We'll just move up the beach - there is a lot of it. LOL 

There were some good waves today - compliments of typhoon whosit - Arielle wished she'd had her boogie board. 

Floats look a bit like this in the surf.....

This was a big light-bulb... Michael found several. 
I put all on notice our light-bulb collection is COMPLETE! 

We had just enough time for me to attempt to frost my had a melt down and if you are aware of our family's morbid sense of humor you can guess the name it was given....

We had a wonderful time with Jim, Marvie and Children. Marvie is an AMAZING cook - though Jim did admit they don't eat like this EVERY night. We had salad, homemade french onion soup (mine without croutons or cheese), beef for all of them (and SALMON for me - my first meat in over 2 months), fantastic green beans, mashed potatoes and my desserts.

The kids all had a good time playing games - by the end of the night all six playing Guesstures - but I took these photos earlier. We'll do this again and maybe the adults will catch up on talking enough to join the kids.

Producing a News Show....

I tried two vegan desserts....the kids must have ate this one and I guess it was o.k. Chocolate Chip Blondies - or Hummus Blondies if you prefer. No eggs, butter or milk.

I used a cake recipe with applesauce, egg replacer and almond milk in place of oil, eggs, and milk.  The cake did NOT I made two and put them was moist and dense - more like the Japanese desserts than the typical American cake. I liked it....half of it was eaten....the frosting was NOT vegan.  I DID bake with chocolate this week. I found it isn't all that great tasting any longer. It no longer masters me. . . but I won't be eating it for a few weeks.

Marvie is from the Manila area. It is always fun to compare notes on the Philippines. Marvie is a Registered Nurse and last night we had fun reminiscing about old Filipino Home Remedies. They'll be flying to the Philippines this fall, I'm more than a tad bit jealous. They agree with Michael I should not take the kids alone and go south to the areas I remember.

Choosing Joy!
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