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Nejyo Castle Ruins & Historic Plaza

We found it this time, as opposed to this time! So glad Michael was with us. Directions, GPS Coordinates, and admission info below.  Combine this with a trip to Hachinohe City Museum (they share a parking lot).

This is the restored castle of Lord Moroyuki Nanbu, built in 1334.   Read a bit more below.
Sorry for the glare - didn't use flash but the lights were something in the room
"The remains of 354 raised-floor structures ad 82 sunken-floor structures were found, as well as gates, board fences, and pole fences. However, reconstruction focused on the style and methods employed during the 16th generation because the remains of the inner compound were found in good condition. The reconstruction work started in April 1985, centered on the stables, workshops, smith, storerooms and barn within the inner compound.

The displays inside the buildings are set up to give an image of daily life at that time based on Nanbu family documents and relics found at the site."

This was GREAT...we left with a better understanding of life in Ancient Japan and during the Samurai/Shogun era. Some of us also have dreams of building a Japanese style home in the future. LOL

On the way to the castle reconstruction we stopped at this building. I wanted to grab some photos of the thatched roof for my brother Will, owner of a roofing business.

Yes, he DID hit his head on the beam and yes, I DID ask him to do it again for the camera. Love having him on these adventures with us.

This is a great model of the area....note the wide open spaces for picnics. Plan ahead if the weather is nice. Unfortunately, I didn't plan ahead. 

In addition to enriching our history studies of Japan, many got lots of PT too in the form of SQUATS!  This is not the element of architecture which we want to recreate in our future home.

Pretty sure the lighting is authentic to the period

Stacia wasn't sure what all the groaning was about

Look at the wide open spaces and LIGHT

09:00 - 17:00 (admission until 16:30)
Closed MONDAYS (Except the first Monday of each month and public holidays, if holidays fall on Monday, closed on Tuesday)
*Sometimes the museum is closed on the last day of each month for cleaning. Please call ahead.


Single - Adults - Y250; highschool Y150; Elementary/Jr High  Y 50
Combine for castle ruins - Adults Y400; High school Y240; Elementary/Jr High - Y80
Group rates for groups of 20 or more

GPS Coordinates: N 40*30.469’ E141*27.886’

Take Momishi Toll Road from Misawa to Hachinohe (or take route 45 out of Misawa). Requires 2 toll passes each way.

Turn right onto route 45 if you've taken the toll road.

Take the FISHING WHARF exit as you enter town

At the traffic light at the bottom of the hill, turn right under the overpass

Follow the road past the fish market, over the train tracks and over the bridge to route 104

Turn left on to route 104 at the traffic light.

Proceed down route 104 to the first traffic light.  Turn left.

Museum entrance  is on the left about 10 yards down the road.

Enter the parking lot and proceed left around the hedge row to the back parking lot.

*Note it is 5 min by car from the Hachinohe Interchange of the Hachinhohe Expressway.

Public Transportation: 
Take Nanbu Bus (red and white) or City bus (blue, grey and white) from JR Hachinohe Station. Get off the bus at the Nejo bus stop (15 minute ride). 

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