Monday, December 03, 2012

Messiest Dinner Ever

I've been limiting grains, but today I was in Universe on a search for Chocolate Pocky for Jared,  and I picked up the fixins.....for the messiest meal I make.

Easy dinner to make, everyone loves it and there is NEVER leftovers....but I always make a huge mess!!!!

This is AFTER I cleaned up the majority of the mess

All the burners were this bad
The floor, the dinner table....all a huge mess...but so worth it. One of these days I WILL find a quality WOK to purchase. But it was worth it to have Yakisoba for dinner.

Chicken Yakisoba 

All Vegan, All Vegetables and WONDERFUL

Last time I made this I used 3 packs and we had more people eating (Jared, Michael and me). Tonight I made 3 Chicken and 1 veggie....and still they ate all theirs and came after mine! It's a great way to get cabbage into them. LOL

Our dinner entertainment was trying to figure out how to get the lid off the "Roasted Nuts Dressing" I found at Universe. We finally got the whole plastic part off and then realized maybe it was supposed to stay on. ::snort::

This is my favorite dressing. I think it's as popular as Ranch is in the states. It's at every Salad Buffet and is always a choice at restaurants.

What's the messiest meal you cook?

Choosing Joy!
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