Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Michael will go back to work today. I had thought I would go to an onsen....I've not gone for months....but alas, I think I'm snowed in. 
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Of course sitting outside in a volcanic spring fed bath is perfect when the rest of the world is snowed in - it may be worth the chance of a winter accident to try it. ::snort:: 
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Akikosan gave me fizzy bath powders for Christmas because she said I can't be driving myself to onsens when winter comes. ::snort:: 

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Anonymous said...

Sis: Like I mentioned when talking to on Christmas........ I almost think I understand the reason to sit in such a HOT place for ones body sake and inner peace..... BUT not sure I can quite meet the requiements. :) We all really need to find the place where we can be a peace and feed our inner being. love/prayers - mom t.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I don't know their may be a spiritual lesson here...doesn't one need to be naked and vulnerable for God to feed their inner being? ::snort::

I bet if you lived here, you'd eventually do it.