Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Very Full Day

Yes, today is Tuesday - PWOC/PCOC day. We love to see what the kids will do each week with the nativity. We had all boys and one girl today....no sweet cuddly family for Baby Jesus, no extra panda bears or dolls....TRUCKS in Bethlehem - lots of em...and a DINOSAUR...and Baby Jesus? Did you spot him? One moved him to the top of the roof to be safe from the trucks. Another added the dinosaur. 

This was an incredibly full day. Michael is working the night shift in the exercise. We snuck out of the house for PWOC early. The kids were full of energy today - and I wasn't so much. The kids and I had lunch with Mary and Marvie. Mary and her family just returned from a trip to the Philippines. Marvie and her family are planning to go over Christmas. Fun talk, fun memories. 

We managed a flying trip to the commissary.

I got home just in time for a 1 1/2 hour ministry Skype. Good things afoot in PWOC Japan/Guam Region. 

We got dinner on the table, tried to get the older Gherkins Christmas packages ready (forgot to put in the gift cards and have to re-do tomorrow), and then it was time for family circle....um....that is another post. 

Choosing Joy!
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