Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Day 4 - Is it a Habit Yet?

We read Zech 9:9 and discussed the role of a King, prophecy and how it all pertains to Jesus. 

Arielle picked Clue number 4, "Where monsters sleep!" I'll have to talk with the cluemiester....this one was not our best clue...Three of the kids had never worried about monsters and had no clue where they would sleep....one of them is now worried about where ELSE monsters may sleep. ::snort:: After checking out various closets, nooks and crannies -  they finally found it!
Excuse the room - at least I blurred the background
 I was going to skip the following photo and possibly use it if I blog our devotions...but I want to be authentic...it's only fair.  Yes, we have days like this.   "I don't know where monsters sleep! I don't know what thermal pletion is!"  Humph. After a quick hug, encouragement and parenting on the fly.....

Smiles are back - tonight's gift...Guesstures. 

Of course the point of these gifts are making time for family....and so we played...I have no clue how THIS is supposed to say "burp" but there you have it!

Hoola Hoop



We ended the night with a round of pick up sticks. Stacia loves this game....all in all a good night...you just take the ruffled feathers, deal with them, repent where necessary and move on. 

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

SIS: :):):):):) Monsters. How funny. Poor Stacia..... at least she will learn early to not fear such things. It really amazed dad/I how much the kids have grown and how more mature they all look. love/prayers - dad/mom

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

They are growing up quickly!