Sunday, February 17, 2013

Racing for Home

We began our race home to Misawa on the 13th. We drove from Osaka to Camp Zama. Before we left, I  HAD to go out on the window ledge...oops - look who noted my early a.m. adventure. He joined me.

Lots of apartments in Osaka

Love the rest areas in Japan 


Mt Fuji - they climbed that ::grin:: 
 It was great to  catch up with a couple of PWOC friends at Camp Zama: Kristin and Amanda. I relished our relaxing  hot drink and the visit was even more refreshing. We were impressed with Zama's lodging and free breakfast.  The next morning we took off for Misawa.....We savored our last tastes of spring.  We knew what waited for us in Misawa....

WINTER...snow....Misawa didn't disappoint. We've had nearly  non-stop snow since we arrived home. 
35 FW photo

Choosing Joy!
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