Friday, March 15, 2013

The Cafe

A couple of folks have mentioned this cafe to me in passing. I was happy to visit it today to see for myself. Lacey and I met for lunch, a hot drink and some meaningful conversation.  The restaurant exceeded my high expectations. The conversation was perfect.

This cafe is near Big D's. On the road you'll see a little sign that simply says "cafe".  I think it has a french name....but I couldn't figure it out from the signs.

Turn onto that street and you'll see a parking lot; there is more parking around the front too. I loved the little play area, the clean lines, wood stove....
I don't drink coffee, but Lacey's looked good. I had a "whipped milk" - which was the steamer I'd been dreaming of...I also had a Basil Pesto Pasta that was yummy. 

I plan to take advantage of this new find as much as possible before I move. It's "close" to our house.

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

HI: whipped milk. that didn't bother you? PTL if it didn't. The building looks so neat and inviting.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Unfortunately - I didn't make the connection. At HOME I make steamers with almond milk. I was looking for something hot to drink that I could have and saw the steamer and went for it.

Then yesterday a.m. I had a pot of banana milk tea - again just not thinking.

By late afternoon I had a headache. I had thought it was just cheese - but I think it may be all dairy. I was also very congested. And to think I never made the connection before this season.