Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lovin Japan ~ Greetings and Service

I will miss the friendly, energetic calls of, "Irasshaimase!" as we pass stores and vendors. "Come! Come!"

I'll also miss doing a search for Shimoda Mall and pulling up photos I took three years earlier as I did with these. ::snort::

Look what else I found. I miss this little 4 year old...who is now a mature almost 8 year old and is quick to tell all she's a "Little bit American, but mostly Japanese."

Customer service in Japan  is unparalleled. Truly. In the airports, the train stations, the malls, the streets....people (clerks as well as the typical person) take pleasure in helping you.

I leave you with this view from a train station....note how friendly the attendant acts.

Choosing Joy!
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