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Lovin Japan ~ Japanese Food

I'm consolidating many "favorite entries" to one entry today....though I'm sure other food entries will make the Lovin Japan list in a featured slot.  FOOD....many of these dishes can be purchased in the states - but they simply taste better in Japan. ::grin:: 

As a rule, meat is a condiment....presentation is fantastic....meals are unhurried (who can eat fast with chopsticks?).  Here are some of our favorites....some of the recipes can be found under the Yummy Eats tab.

To this very long list....add daikon, a host of veggies and dishes of whose names we haven't a clue, onigiri, pickled veggies, spicy ginger on the side of plates, random eggs cracked over burgers, soup, rice....and "cute food" which deserves another post. 

Zander's First Ramen experience in 2009

Krista's First Bowl of Ramen 


Bre's first plate of Yakisoba  

Yakisoba from street vendor

Veggie Gyudon (personal creation)

Tamanegi Gyudon - Egg, Green Onion Beef Bowl 
kimishowota via photopin cc
Gyudon - Beef Bowl
9stars via photopin cc
Cheese Rolls  (made with camembert cheese I'm told)

Yakiniku - the exception to meat as a condiment rule
kenleewrites via photopin cc

Curry Rice
jetalone via photopin cc

Nikujaga (Steamed Meat and Potatoes)
I Believe I Can Fry via photopin cc

On our trip to the south of Japan I determined to try Okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake...it's name loosely translated means "What you like" - or as you like it ...fried. I discovered there are many versions...very few of them are vegetarian - though I did find a recipe to make vegetarian okinomiyaki. I always planned a separate post....but I'm going to throw the photos in here. 

Okonomiyaki - Miyajima style

Okonomiyaki - Osaka Style
pyrografica via photopin cc
pelican via photopin cc
lestaylorphoto via

I'm hungry now. 

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kanganroos said...

De'Etta, all the food looks yummy! Love the ramen...but definitely not the ones we do in the brick packages. Would love to try the Yakisoba...looks like ramen noodles? We love the noodles but cannot find them as just noodles without being the brick like with flavor package. LOL We love the noodles tho! Do the noodles go by another name, do you know, so we can look for the noodles only.


DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Here we actually buy them as yakisoba noodles...and they are fresh...meaning they are not dried....but I have seen them at the commissary labeled yakisoba noodles...they are thicker than the ramen noodles.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I'll have to check, Darcy but I wonder if soba noodles (which we made at New Year's) would work in yakisoba. I'll ask Akikosan.

Unknown said...

I love your loving Japan posts even though they make you sad. We too are in that last chance to enjoy our favorite things stage,

Anonymous said...

I love yakisoba and curry!;)
Bre g