Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hirosaki Dressed with Cherry Blossoms

Perfect timing! We did it!!!  We've tried for four years to make it to Hirosaki for the Cherry Blossom festival...and there is ALWAYS something we are doing...traveling for PWOC, preparing to speak, freak storms blowing off blossoms, no blossoms.... This year we made it. I think they would have been fuller a couple of days earlier...but this was the day we could break loose from Misawa. 

Visiting Hirosaki to see the Cherry Blossoms was on Arielle's bucket list. The first weekend of festival we simply couldn't go - and we heard there were only one or two trees in bloom. Last weekend we stayed home and cheered on Jamin as he raced at the LSC.  This weekend it was raining...but we decided this was our best chance....and off we went...

We decided to take a bit longer and drive through Towada/Hakoda as the snow along the road is famous....last weekend it was 20 ft high...still pretty impressive this weekend....

Along the road

Standing on a 3 ft high ledge
 There are several of these tunnels which always seemed to have no purpose. Today we saw they exist just to keep the roads clear...the snow piles up but the roads are clear. LOL

We arrived at Hirosaki Castle and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the van. Then we headed out. Michael took spectacular photos....It happens admission is free from  9-12 of May...SCORE...and yet, it really wasn't crowded as most the crowds went the last two weekends. The trees were beautiful!

Funny - I took one of him taking photos as well! 

I was contemplating breaking off a few sprigs to dry in my Bible for a prayer Keepsake....who would notice...OH he's taking another photo! 

 While Michael took photos....we amused ourselves...quite well in fact. 

I don't know in the midst of a cherry blossom grove....can't imagine starting a fire...but there had to be a reason for the sign. Unbelievable. 

Of COURSE we stopped to buy Sembei on our way back to the van...lots of it! 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...

HI: SO BEAUTIFUL! I mean the Goecker's as well as the place etc. :):) Goodness, Arielle has become a beautiful young lady! Thanks for sharing. love/prayers - mom t.

Linda said...

It's strange to me to see the beautiful cherry blossoms and all of you in heavy winter coats. Here, nothing is blooming when we have to wear coats like that (ok, that's not very often!). :)

Kristine said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! What amazing scenery, and what a blessing that you were able to finally see this as you wind down your time at Misawa.

(I've seen pics of that road before and still find it hard to believe!)