Thursday, May 30, 2013

The New Norm

"I could have slept until noon, Mom!"  Yep, Stacia LOVED sleeping on her FMO bed rather than her futon of the past four years. 

"The whole house is basically like a BIG hotel!," is Zander's nearly constant refrain since FMO delivered.  (Editor's note: I reminded the kids this afternoon that it is NOT a hotel and HOUSEKEEPING is not going to pick up after them.)

Some have asked if we are camping out for the next seven weeks. Not really. The Air Force has what is called TLF - Temporary Living Facilities. You are allowed to stay in these when you arrive and leave a new assignment. Often it's for a couple of weeks up to a month. When we moved HERE we got stuck for three months in TLF while we waited for a home.  Misawa evidently allows active duty families only 5 days in the Misawa Inn when they leave. BUT you can get loaner furniture from FMO and if you want you can also check out packages of dishes provide your own linens. It's really pretty nice. We opted to keep some of our own dishes and such and have a last minute shipment of under 1,000 lbs the day before we move into the Misawa Inn. 

Library/computer/school room has become the suitcase room! 

A friend and I have been talking about going to Hachinohe for months. She called and wanted to do it before she is packed out early  next was the day. Off we went. It is always an adventure...but we eventually did find the  Hachinohe Cement Factory.....

Why would two American women want to visit a cement factory? Because it has been turned into a big complex of recycle (thrift)/antique type shops.....fairly reasonably priced. Ms M. was able to purchase some great finds. *I* had just packed out yesterday...but I was aware I had another 1,000 lbs leaving on 10 July and I CAN mail things to America if we are over our weight I dreamed of several doll sets, chests and mirrors.....I bought just a couple of things....

Akikosan told me one of these shows a famous prison and the other a famous road to a temple.....

I'm happy with this....and it will house jewelry....I can easily mail it to CA. 

We backtracked to town to enjoy lunch at an Organic Buffet....a nutritarian's dream.  Hinano is right beside a great onsen and close to Toys R Us. 

Stacia's flower girl dress cute. Akikosan was here for the great reveal and said she'll go with me to a spot in the mall which does good's ok for length but quite a bit big around the top. If they can do the alterations we'll have it done here to fit....if not....I'll order a smaller size. 

We enjoyed a couple of hours with Akikosan and all are now settling in for another wonderful night's sleep on our FMO furniture. Tomorrow will be another busy day...a new adventure for Arielle and me, trying to work details for a possible trip to Korea on Monday. We shall see. 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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