Monday, June 24, 2013

A Balanced Day

I asked several months back  how to prepare to say goodbye to a place you love. My concern was how to lessen the pain of leaving for the children (ok and US) and I received many good suggestions.  Scott has said  the most painful "see you in heaven" goodbye I can imagine - that of a parent to a child....he shared  he found it helped not to try to avoid the pain, to accept it. Corinna shared her thoughts on a glorious sorrow - a sign one has loved well at an assignment. I always remember the TCK goodbye Corinna and I shared in AK...didn't look at each other, wasn't a big deal....walked off...and denied the pain.  ::sigh::  And realized I really needed to deal with my Third Culture Kid issues to help my kids deal with it. ::snort:: 

I pretty much embrace the moment - so living in the moment has been easy.  I determined not to be morbid, but to allow the pain to hit when it sit with it...get comfortable with it....and in that way live this out  fully  - embracing both the NOW and the upcoming departure....and that's worked.  It's pretty much what I've done through the past four years when longing to be with the Gherkins would hit at odd moments. We continue to minister, to spend time with friends....and yet we know our time is growing short. 

Glorious sorrow hits at odd early a.m. drive through the rice fields. I got out of the van with the remnants of tears on my face and one of the Gherkins remarked, "It's that kind of day isn't it?"

We spent a few hours working on "the move." I made kennel and vet appointments. We moved all the things we don't think we'll give away to the garage for the garbage man to give us an estimate. I sent out a few move related emails. We took the bulletin boards off the walls and the boys smashed them to smithereens so they would fit in the trash can - and yes - it hit again! Those silly things have been with us since our very first military assignment.....we finally had enough $ in the budget to BUY bulletin boards....but the movers didn't pack them this time and I really don't think I have wall space for them in CA.
I went through the pantry and pulled out all the food I don't think we'll use in the next three weeks. I'll do the same with the freezer tomorrow - get down to our fridge freezer so we can prepare to give it away. Sometime this week we'll drive to our missionary friends and bless them with a carload of American food.

Then - I followed Mary's advice. We headed for the beach. It helps to go do something you love when the sorrow hits....

I said "put on shorts" but I also said we weren't going to the swim beach....

Which didn't seem to matter

Naughty Yuuki 

Arielle and Stacia walked up the beach to the potties. I was laying on the sand and only needed to hold her leash. She kept turning her back on me and flicking sand at me. She was irritated. She finally laid down right at my head and when I said "good dog, Yuuki chan" she covered me in sand...she kicked and kicked and pummeled me. I'm still trying to get it all out - hours and shower later. 

"Arielle" watched Colton and Lawson this afternoon. Actually we ALL play with them.....but you know. Sure love these boys.  

I made up a quick filling using things in the freezer and veggie crisper. I put meatballs in the crock pot for those who would rather die than try something new. ::snort::  
I finally was able to head to the gym to work out - they were closed this a.m. Picked Michael up, came home and stuffed  puff pastry (found in the freezer too), took a shower and then enjoyed dinner. 

Michael, Arielle and I all had seconds of whatever it is I made....yum! 

In family circle we discussed the parable of the Master and servants with the debts. Good talk about forgiveness - what it is and what it isn't. 

I had hoped to book flights for the girls and I from SEA TAC to Eugene - but I'm still trying to figure out if I can make a 1:00 p.m. flight. 

Another full day in the can. ::grin::

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Dana said...

I love reading your blog, De'Etta. I moved a year and a half ago...but some days I'm still struggling to say goodbye to Japan!