Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last Lesson

We've had our final Akikosan lesson. We plan to continue trying to learn Japanese because,  yes, we do believe God will open doors and some day we'll be back in Japan.  We'll get together another time or two before we leave in 2.5 weeks, but it will be for fun.

I love that we're good enough friends for Akikosan to tease me.

"De'Etta san?" She points at the shoes and raises her eyebrows? "All these shoes when you are leaving?" I assured her we'd  get them all on the plane. I reminded her we can take eight suitcases of 70 lbs each with us.

We had a great discussion tonight. We talked about future dreams. We shared our love for Jesus. Akikosan helped us understand more religion/culture in Japan.

I'm not sure we've learned much Japanese, but have learned much about culture and we did make a sweet friend.

Choosing Joy!
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