Sunday, June 30, 2013

Busy Weekend

9:40 p.m. and we are about to pull the curtain on this weekend. 

We had hoped to take the train to Hokaido and explore...but we felt the need to stay home and continue house hunting.  We have many options and finally narrowed it down to three. Two of them sent us leases. The third has an application process and a credit check.  This can take days. We debated if we should fill in one of the other leases or apply for the third. We told the children on the way to chapel we would have a family meeting this afternoon to decide.  It came down to two. One in a gated community and one in another subdivision that I guess used to be a cow pasture in the near recent past. ::snort:: In any event....Michael, Zander and Stacia liked the idea of the Gated Community. Arielle and Nolan really liked the other home much better. I was unable to decide. I pointed out the rent is cheaper, the house is BIGGER and newer and it includes lawn service and more utilities.  BUT I liked the lake across the street, the pool, the security of the home in the Gated community. I was NOT looking forward to WHITE BERBER CARPET throughout the home... As we kicked it around Michael suggested we simply apply for the bigger home and if we don't get it we'll look more at the Gated Community. Actually, I would be more than happy with any of these three homes (though I'd be worried about the white carpet) we shall see.

Other weekend accomplishments....we junked my Prairie Joy. I loved this little car. It's not been driven for months and for the first time the battery wouldn't start. It's like Joy new she was heading to the junk yard. I'd hoped to give it away but the repairs to get the JCI done cost more than the car is worth. It was the perfect car the past four years. The kids all fit in it and it was small enough for these roads.

Our pre-inspection with our Realtor is tomorrow. We patched holes.....

Washed walls - the last of the "Alex" which he scrawled on the wall 3 1/2 years ago! 

Today our freezer went to a new home with dear friends

And's time to sleep - this week is going to be screaming busy! 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Renee said...

I can not imagine renting a house with white carpet; there is no way to keep that clean with kids and a dog.
Praying for the big decision

Janette said...

Our white carpet is covered in rugs ;)
Praying for a choice to be made clear.

Linda said...

Glad you have some choices anyway! Our week is going to be busy, too, as we prepare to leave Saturday for a couple days in IL and then Gerren's graduation from BMT in San Antonio! Not quite as busy as yours will be, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Sis: PTL you are having choice which will make it all better for every one. WHITE CARPET! HA! never had to do that yet and don't plan to....... 2 pugs and dad just wouldn't work to say nothing about my relationship with such a carpet. :):):) love/prayers - mom t.