Saturday, July 06, 2013

….All I Found Was Another Tire!

We love Shipwreck beach. It’s a bit further of a drive than the local beaches and we don’t get to go as often as we’d like. Today we went. This may well be our last trip to Mutsu Bay.  Arielle and Nolan are off with Club Beyond exploring new areas of Japan. 

We actually drove further down the road from the “Shipwrecks,” walked over a train trestle; along a sea wall….Michael described his trip to this area here.

We stopped at the Lawsons in Noheji – right at the swim beach – and picked up some food on a stick for the kids. We climbed over the train trestle and enjoyed our lunch sitting on the sea wall before we set out to explore.

My favorite quotes from the day come from this little one. “I am SEVEN years old and I’ve never found a glass float!”

“I am looking and looking for a glass float and all I find is another TIRE!” I think you may need to have been a beach comber in Northern Japan to get the humor of this statement.

We noted Zander loved wandering off alone, free to think, imagine and enjoy without any outside noise. ::grin::

She found a float…unfortunately….

Close – a perfect net – which means the float WAS in there.

Michael showed us the fishing hut he had found on an earlier trip. 

Do you spot Yuuki? 

I almost brought this new pair of running shoes home for Arielle. 

Yuuki also loved wandering the beach alone. She was happy to see us and RAN full tilt to each of us as she came upon us.

We opted to stop at Sand Dollar Beach on the way home. We explored  more thoroughly than we had before. This involved much climbing up and down of sea walls.

You can't really tell this board stretches over the top of two jetties....

 I attempted a family photo at the end of the sea break....
UM - this way PlEasE!

Our diligent search for floats continued until we saw this sign.  It was fairly clear to us – though the Japanese fisherman seemed to think it wouldn’t apply to him as he wandered up the shore to fish. I wanted to get close enough to say “Dame, Dame”. 

Choosing Joy!
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