Monday, July 08, 2013

One Call From the Uniformed Member

Nolan had to come in with me this a.m. to take Michael to the office. He had a fasting lab. Our plan was for me to drop him at the Mokuteki- where he’d enjoy a leisurely breakfast and read a book, while I worked out at the gym. I do miss having exercise equipment at home.  We had several errands to run before we headed home.

All went as planned (or so I thought) until I came out of the gym.  The café was closed to strip and seal the floors (my best guest). I had no idea where Nolan was. About this time the phone rang and Michael said if I could get the dog to a 1:00 p.m. appointment she could be seen TODAY. ONE CALL FROM THE UNIFORM and BINGO they found an appointment. I’ve called 2 – 3x a week for 3 weeks. All at once,  I was both ticked and elated. Our problem was that I had errands to run, the dog was across town, I didn’t know where Nolan was and I had a farewell lunch starting at noon. We knew I wouldn’t be able to be back on base with the dog at 1:00 p.m.

PLAN C (and it was only 0900) kicked in….I found Nolan, picked up Michael, we drove home, loaded Arielle and Yuuki into the van and off they headed. 

Meanwhile I began sorting through the things which remain in our house to see which should go in a suitcase, which should go with our fast ship, which should be mailed and if there happened to be more which could go to the thrift store. 

I broke from moving madness to enjoy an oasis of sanity with the chapel spouses…the only jarring note is that it was MY farewell.  I so enjoyed this chance to rest and visit with these ladies…we missed those who couldn’t make it…and I’ll keep looking for an opportunity to say goodbye.

Jen drove us all back to the base…I picked up Yuuki and Arielle. Yuuki now has a health certificate, shots and meds.  She is fighting an ear infection. She’ll fly with us on the 16th.

I stopped by Pass and ID and finished our paperwork on vehicles.

I stopped by Hero Net and returned our modem and paid for the 5 days of Internet use we had in July. 
We got home in time for Arielle to watch Colton and Lawson. Today is probably the last time I’ll have a solo conversation with Christina. How we’ll miss this dear family.  Christina was the very first mentor group member….
Stacia saying goodbye to her plants. We purchased slips when we were in the Misawa Inn for three months. I promised the kids we’d have a house one day for the plants to grow in. I headed back to the chapel to get Michael and to drop off a few chapel things I found I still had – AND THE PLANTS – which will be picked up there by a new owner.

We continue to eat down the freezer and cupboards.  Shepherd’s Pie tonight for the meat eaters in our midst…and the last two Lentil Loaf Patties for Arielle and me. 

After family circle, a bit of discussion and regrouping on the packing….Michael and Arielle disappeared (bed I presume) and these three played a new Japanese card game Nolan learned on this weekend’s Club Beyond trip.

This week is going to be CRAZY busy and then we’ll fly out. Eight more days. 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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