Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yip, Yap and Ugly

Woot! Today I met Laura. Laura has been a Facebook friend since we found out we were moving to Beale and is the local PWOC president. She came bearing home-canned spaghetti sauce made from her freshly picked tomatoes, SHOWER HOOKS (my children rose and blessed her name), a gift from PWOC and her vacuum and long-handled duster for us to borrow until Thursday. 

It was a great way to start the day. 

I called several places and was finally able to find an indoor, place with room - and friendly folks - to board Yuuki for a bit.  It's a vet hospital in town and they'll  most likely become our vet. Two birds with four phone calls. LOL 

We learned today that after-lunch walks are not predictable in CA. Arielle is not sleeping - she's sun bathing. ::snort:: 

We found yet another park.....

Yuuki pulled up to a tree, laid down in the shade and made it clear she didn't want to budge. Luckily we were a block from home. I was thirsty as she drank all my water.

Summer Reading

Nolan did what I could not do. He climbed on the camp chair and was able to reach the cobwebs in the bottom of the high window. He couldn't reach the top - but that appears to be unreachable until ladders are unpacked. ::snort::

In Family Circle we read Luke 14:26-35 and discussed what it means to be a follower/disciple of Christ and what it means to count the cost. It was a good discussion.....

However, the best mommy moment came when Zander shared, "I think if God shut the mouth of a lion for that man in the Bible, he could shut Yip, Yap and Ugly's mouths too."  We prayed the dogs either shut up or our ears are shut up. ::snort::  It's 10 p.m. and they are still yapping.

We need to get to know our neighbors...which we will do when we return. We need to know the dogs' names, maybe that will help to settle them.

After family circle Michael trounced Zander in a game of Acey Deucy. He had won Nolan the night before. I joked  I would play him and win....and I did. I rolled about 8 Acey Deucys and many doubles. Great fun.

The kids taught me a Japanese card game they learned on their trip south last month - Dohoku or Dofuku....It was pretty fun. (South in Japan that is).

Choosing Joy!
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