Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's ONLY Wednesday?

I drove with Michael to base today and kept the van. I was able to go to the fitness center and get a work out in....which was nice. 

The kids and I  decided to take advantage of having wheels and go explore our area. We didn't find a thing we set out to find. We did discover the Yuba City Airport, a big amphitheater, lots of corn and cows.  We found THESE on our doorstep when we came home for lunch. Thanks, Valerie. We're sorry we missed you and the girls. 

Our big goal for the day was to go back to base and get our laundry done before we picked up Michael.  It was hot and run down...but functional. We have clean clothes.

We saw our first coyote as we left the housing area. Unfortunately, a truck hit it just as we saw it. 

I said earlier today on Facebook I really needed a date night but didn't think it would happen until after our trip. When we got home Michael asked where I'd like to go. We put  pizzas in for the kids and headed for Chipotle. YUM - vegan bowl....very good. 

There was a little store next door which sells and repairs phones. We went in and discussed phone options....we really don't want a two year contract....burned too often on those with our lifestyle.  You don't WANT to know how much it cost us in Japan to leave at the "wrong time". LOL Still researching. 

We stopped at Sam's club and decided we'll go back tomorrow night and pick up some furniture. I want a futon before Bre gets here. She needs a mattress and we plan on getting one anyway.

We hit Lowes and came home.....This cracked us up....doesn't show up well - but our 15 pass parked next to a really tall truck. Michael said, "We aren't in Japan any longer are we?"  He suggested you could drive many Japanese cars under the truck. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Oh, so sorry to hear that you saw that coyote.

Lovely to get a date night.

What are you looking for in a cell phone? In the past couple of years, pay as you go contracts have become quite popular.

We tried Cricket and were unhappy. We have had StraightTalk (available at Walmart) for over a year. Robert and I each bought a Samsung Galaxy for $150 through StraightTalk. We each pay $45 for unlimited talk, text, and data (2GB) per month. I use data ALL the time, checking internet while shopping, GPS on ALL the time, etc. (I don't watch videos.) I never come close to even 1GB. And we can connect to any wireless network.

You pay monthly (autopay, if you like). NO contract. We've been very pleased with customer service.

We ditched our home phone 1-1/2 years ago, bought Holly a new phone, gave her old phone to Trevor, so eeryone can stay in touch if we're apart. You know I'm not techhy, so for me to give up my home phone, it had to work well for us!

StraightTalk has other, less expensive plans. They use Verizon or (hmm, can't remember if it's AT&T or Sprint), depending on your location/phone you purchase. I am literally paying half of what someone on Verizon would pay for the exact same service.

We've been pleased!


Linda said...

I have heard recently that Virgin Mobile has an iPhone no-contract unlimited text/data/talk for $40/month...I don't know if Virgin is available near you.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I've discovered several - Virgin and Net 10 come to mind - which do Iphone for around $40 - 50 a month. No contract.

If we want to go with an Android there are many plans.

Kristine - do you sync your outlook calendar with your android - was it hard to do?

The only thing that still appeals to me about the iphone over the others is 1. I can move my sim card from one provider to another when we move - still use the phone and 2 - ease of use.

All the month to month plans we are looking at are WAY cheaper than the contract plans. There are even FAMILY month to month plans....and they don't charge the outrageous fees for a smart phone. Of course you PAY for your phone outright - but they charge you much less than the others do for the same phone.....

I guess you don't have a phone warranty.

Much to think about....but I know that a trac is going to be more money in the long run as I've used 600 minutes in 2 weeks (text, email - all count against your minutes). We aren't going to do land line I feel o.k. getting a smart phone - still less than that....and probably phones for some kids too....

Verizon is the best reception here - followed by AT and T...or so several have told us....and Page plus does verizon towers.....

berrypatch said...

LOVE the photo of the laundry outing. I'm assuming that's Arielle sleeping?? ;-) Priceless.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yep, always Arielle.