Monday, August 26, 2013

All Our Stuff....

is finally in one place...our house!!!!  Now the downsizing can really begin. Watching eight  GIANT dish pack size boxes of Christmas Decor being unloaded  reminded us WHY we quit doing Christmas "American Style." ::snort::  We're still talking about how to do Christmas this year as  we'll have a houseful expecting "Christmas"....but I'm pretty sure I am NOT going to kill myself putting up all these decorations....pretty sure I'm going to bless a few thrift stores. We've come to really enjoy our laid back, non-stressed, worshipful Christmas' the past four years.

Michael got the cutest look on his face when he saw his Craftsmen tool chest, air compressor and box after box marked "tools" come off the truck.  He looked at me and said, "I have the Christmas feeling." There you have it - finally - the "Christmas feeling" everyone promised us. (Mostly I'm feeling overwhelmed - but that is my typical Christmas feeling. ::snort:: )

Arielle said she got the Christmas feeling when she saw THIS. 

I nearly got the feeling when I saw the hutch placed in the living room....nearly.

My boyfriend can hook up appliances in his sleep. ::wink:: 

 I got the excited Christmas feeling when I unpacked this book...."The Encyclopedia of Cooking," c. 1949.  I need to repair the binding. This was my Grams' and it's filled with her writing....made me get teary excited.....her Divinity Recipe....

Thanksgiving Dressing Recipe

Mrs. Morisette's Angel Food Cake Recipe

Arielle was with me as I unpacked. We've been talking about Grams a lot the past few weeks. She died before Arielle was born. I've shared how Grams taught me to bake bread, and pies....and how she could paint and sew and was a Bible Study teacher....I guess we'd never told her we named her after not Mabel...but Arielle...Lioness of God. She approved of the Dessert Cookbook which was Grams'.

This is my is full of handwritten recipes, 1/2 written letters to my mom when she was on the mission field.....the front says "keep 1965 receipts"..... Yep - the Christmas feeling. I'll downsize, but things like these we'll store.

Disbelieving horror - "What is it?" 

From before our  Nutratarian Days. ::snort:: 

It took them a couple of hours to unload our things. Michael and the boys got busy hanging things and putting a workshop space together. I headed to Lowe's....Arielle worked in the school room/library and began unpacking glassware....They tell me this will feel like a living room "soon."  Do you see the COUCHES?!! YES....and the room still feels huge with all our stuff in it.....Maybe I'll leave the boxes. ::snort::

After dinner we,  someone ok *I* discovered our "garborator" doesn't like artichokes!  Michael has it all up and running.....I'm starting a compost bin.

Plenty for the kids and I to do tomorrow.....

We discovered the movers, four years ago, unpacked all but two of my memento storage boxes and threw things into a giant box.....  As we sorted through we found all sorts of things....and these two items are about to become Stacia's favorite for playing dress up. After 29+ years of marriage I think I can allow that. LOL  The kids have heard the story about what happens when a bride with a big veil gets too close to the unity they can picture it. LOL 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Linda said...

Just love the recipe books. What a treasure!

Anonymous said...

Sis: Memories! Even hearing and looking at a few of your things memories of ours are struck. NEAT! Love it all! As to Christmas........ anyway you want it is great with us..... have actually been looking forward to experiencing some of your new ways etc. OF COURSE this G'Ma will be getting everyone one gife (at least) NO really just 1 gift. Just can't not do such a thing. :):):):) Interesting to us how said gifts we give are getting to be very different and less of them. :):):):) love/prayers... think we will start counting the days the way Bre is. :):) L/P mom. t.