Thursday, August 01, 2013

Making a Room

Yuuki loves to sit and lay on the steps leading to the spa

Culture shock - ordered this YESTERDAY and it arrived today. We don't even have a mailbox key yet. 

Michael and I ran to the post office to pick up our mail. We had a HUMONGOUS stack....turns out they were to eight different people who supposedly lived at this address. Hmmm. We DID get a few fliers to the current resident and I'm counting that as mail to our new home. ::snort::

When we got home the kids took all the seats out of the van. We had spent the day packing. Yuuki seemed to know something was up.

 It was. We took her to visit her new vet. We really liked the group of ladies and the vet loved that Yuuki was just in from Japan.

Vegan meals like this too many more days and I'm bound to get fluffy! 

We stopped by Sam's and loaded a futon and two recliners into the back of the van. The timing is odd with us leaving...but we had decided a futon would be good to have when our parents visit so they don't have to navigate the stairs. Bre is due ANY TIME and will need to sleep somewhere tonight.

Arielle got really silly. We expected Bre about 8:00 p.m. It is now 9:19 p.m. She called at 7:45 and was two hours out. 

Yep, the silliness led to this....

Nolan enjoys the benefit of his work

I had commented to Mandy that I hoped the younger two would love all the boxes when we unpack but may be too old to enjoy on our next move......look at this...."Mom, I made a sword and a shield!"

Arielle tries out the Grannie Bed - note all the furniture is gigantic and I can't touch the floor any longer. I'm not in Japan any longer. 

See the pile of boxes......they are dreaming of what they're going to build. Zander (Alex) asked if he can bring some on the trip. They are going to love all the boxes in a couple of weeks. ::snort:: 

Still waiting for BreAnne to arrive. Moving cardboard to garage, bracing windows, packing suitcases...waiting for Bre. 

Choosing Joy!
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Lee Binz said...

Your home is starting to look like home! I love your furniture. And yes, it does seem like all American furniture is just HUGE. I'm only 5'2" so I never fit in anything either.