Friday, January 31, 2014

Act of Love or Wedding Prep

Anna and Elsa have nothing over the Gherkins act of  love for the soon-to-be-wed-Gherkin in Oregon (BreAnne).

I always suspected it. I resisted for as long as I could. I joined that innocent little obsession so many sing praises about - Pinterest. Yep - Pinterest is pure EVIL for those of us who are not crafty or don't have 30 hours to make a little craft look perfect for a post.

We volunteered to make little candies for "The Wedding."  How hard could it be? Looks easy peasy on Pinterest. All the comments say how easy they are to make - and how CUTE.

Stick the candy canes into a 300* oven for 3 min.

Pull them out and "gently squish them with your fingers."

Fill with white chocolate and sprinkles.....

We've got this! Stacia got started unwrapping 300 mini-candy canes.....Arielle and I melted chocolate and lined pans with parchment paper.

We had high hopes! Millions on Pinterest sing the praises of this little craft - alright, allow me and my scorched fingers a bit of hyperbole! 

What could go wrong????? 

Just this - have YOU ever tried to gently squish melty, hot, sugar with YOUR fingers??????

Some of the charm of THIS project wore off after the first batch.....Arielle tried spoons and tongs to squish the candy canes and they just don't look like pretty hearts unless you squish them with your fingers.

My theory is a touch of seared flesh transfers a hint of love to them.

It took us three pans to realize we'd have to use our fingers, cut the time in the oven to two minutes and WORK also became clear *I* would be the one squishing all these candies.... ME...the one who doesn't EAT processed sugar...We did discover I am  able to sing, "Ouch, ouch, ouch" in many different octaves.

I maintain our making of these is as true an act of love as Anna's for Elsa.

We've finished 25. They'll be fine when we tie a cute ribbon around them, wrap them....

Seriously, we are thrilled to be working on wedding projects...and I figure my blistered fingers will heal before 14 Feb.....we have many more to make...on another day. Maybe I'll trick invite some local ladies to a candy making party.

 There MUST be a way to do this without using fingers really are sore. No-one else mentioned this problem. 

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...

I would recommend a pair of silicone oven mitts. You can spritz them with some canola spray oil to keep the candy from sticking to your fingers. The gloves are amazing...keeps fingers nice and cool! Here is a pair similar to mine.

Anonymous said...

They look so cute! Love them! Thank you!
Bre G

Anonymous said...

those are darling. guess I had better pray for your fingers. ouch!