Thursday, May 15, 2014

VBS Mania - Gardening Mania

Tis the season. We are one month away from VBS 2014. 

My big outing today was to meet these two lovelies at Lowes. I have a van large enough to haul big pieces of foam board - which will soon be big trees.

Since I was at Lowes, I bought some more dirt, plants and seeds for my new garden. Stacia and Zander helped me fix one of the beds up...Zander commented that he now understood why the first colonialists didn't want to work in the fields. LOL

Yuuki had rolled in Michael's watermelons and the dirt of one bed. I bought some plants...and we'll thin them out when these grow strong.

There is something so soothing about sitting and watching a garden - even a small one.

Choosing Joy!
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Unknown said...

very cool! I wish I could try garden - my herbs will have to do for now!!