Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Day After

I still have to blog Wednesday but I have too much to process to blog that tonight.

First days home are ALWAYS nutso but THIS day will go down in family history.

Arielle and I left home at 0815.  We went to the clinic and had another fun doctor appointment. This one ended in the doc agreeing with me and doing some lab work for Arielle. She is doing WELL. She is gaining since we had an appointment anyway I asked for some testing for her sleep issues. Enough said at this point.

We delivered some items to a chaplain. Headed to Foothills Chapel to check on a few supplies. Went to the commissary and ordered trays for the rally as well as finished buying food.  Took food to Katie, who is cutting up fruit for me!  Took other food to Foothills and put it in the fridges.

CAME HOME....Krista will leave early tomorrow a.m.  While they ate, I did some rally stuff. While they played a game - I did some rally stuff - and that was fine with all of us. We knew I'd have to do a bit of work today with the Rally starting the day after leave.


Such an odd game....

We watched Mercy Rule together, went to Subways, walked down Plumas Street, visited a Farmer's Market, found a local business that has a fun venue for events and will do tea parties, and went to Dairy Queen.  Stacia has enjoyed calls and texts from Grandmas and older siblings all day. Oh - and sat in the hot tub....time for bed. Krista leaves in seven hours and I need to be up sprinting to the Rally.

Choosing Joy!
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