Thursday, October 09, 2014


Joyful Thoughts
1. Arielle did NOT have to have her finger lanced.

2. I did NOT leave the electric teapot turned on at Far West Campus.

3. Flight med is great. I called, they said come in, no hassle with Tri-care or their nurse line. I'm thankful.

I commented to Michael, "This day did not go as planned."

He replied, "When have they ever lately?"  ::snort::

I was uncomfortable leaving for OR without getting Arielle's finger checked!  Her finger has gotten swollen, red, hot, and filled with pus. I'd thought it was a mosquito bite but after a couple of days I clued in that it was something more. ::snort:: We've been doing the home remedy - to avoid the doctor who would want to lance it. It DID drain last night...but was still swollen, red and hot today. I called and they had us come right in. This means we did NOT get the couch school done we had planned for the day....but Arielle and Nolan DID get a full week of school in and the younger two got a full week of table school in. We'll just be one day behind in history and lit.

Our lovely doc said she didn't think she needed to lance it as it had drained. She DID think Arielle needs to take antibiotics as it IS still red, hot and swollen. She also commended our home remedy and told us to keep it up.

We got home in time to gather Yuuki and take her to the vet. She made our day by peeing on the vet's floor. Ugh. It wasn't the first time. We've been concerned at how much Yuuki vomits. She's also been having seizures but they've slowed down. SO....they are running some tests, starting her on some meds and boarding her over the weekend. We have an estimate for more stuff which we'll have to budget to have done in a few weeks....basically a geriatric workup. Poor thing.  The vet commended us on her not being overweight - which she says is common in beagles. She had lost 2.5 lbs since the last time she was in - and that concerns her. Just like human doctors - you can't keep them happy. LOL

Yuuki is at the doggie hotel.

The bags are packed. 

Dinner is done.

Snack boxes are packed.

Hot Tub is unplugged and circuit turned off.

All are in bed or heading that way-by way of showers.

We've been told to be up at 0330 for an 0400 departure. We'll be in OR by lunch time....but we'll have plenty of snacks in the car if the van is overtaken by aliens.

Final thought of the day, "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down."

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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