Sunday, January 18, 2015

Laid Back Sunday

Michael was in rough shape this a.m. and is obviously not ready to be out and about. He's lengthening the time between pain meds. This is good. He's still nauseated now and again.  He told us to go ahead and go to chapel and he'd hold the fort down at home.
Arielle began this - the men finished it

After church I invited several other women whose husband's were gone to go out with the kids and me. It was an impromptu, fun opportunity to connect. If I lived on base I'd have more folks just come on over - but most really don't appreciate the drive to our home. I'm QUITE used to driving at least 30 minutes to get anywhere at this point.  Well - except for the Walmart but I'm evaluating my continued trips to THAT spot.

We've spent another relaxing day at home. It is unreal to have Michael around so this what retirement will be like? Without the pain and meds? ::snort:: 

Choosing Joy!
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