Monday, June 29, 2015


Both girls needed to see an Oral Surgeon - we did that today.

We learned a few things at this new office.   I learned to calmly and patiently talk to the receptionist about the viewing choice in the waiting room. "I've not seen a soap opera in a long time. I guess you don't realize how inappropriate they are until you're watching them with your 9 yo sitting beside you."

They apologized and turned it to the home shopping network...which beat the stuff on Days of Our Lives - criminey.

Stacia was  alarmed we were not at 12 Bridges. Oops. I thought she realized Dr. Zanzi referred her to another.  Today was just a consult.

They called us back and the tech took Arielle's blood pressure - great. She took Stacia's - 129/89. She told Stacia it was obvious she was nervous. Stacia agreed and said something to the effect that anyone would be nervous about THIS.

Arielle is used to "clean shaven Air Force dentists." Her face was priceless when the surgeon walked in with a full beard and a turban.  He was quite friendly and asked her why she was moving to Oregon...which led to talks about what she wants to do with her life....which led to questions about her faith and the faith of many in Japan and more. It was quite fun to sit back and watch. I did tell Arielle in the future she could say, "I want to teach English as a second language in Japan," if she  wanted to avoid the faith discussion. But, why? He brought up the questions and she fielded them well.  He asked about her t-shirt. She was wearing our family shirt. We got to quote a bit of Scripture too....though she was flustered and flubbed that one earning her a fair dose of teasing from the doc.

The earliest they can get Arielle in for her wisdom teeth is 14 July. They'll put her on standby for earlier. This means she can't move to OR until after 21 July. It also means we are unlikely to go to OR/WA on 15 July. It seems we are not meant to take a trip in July...... ::snort::

Watching the girls deal with a new situation as priceless. Watching Arielle share her plans was priceless.

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Anonymous said...

WELL... we'll be praying for you all. Plans are made to be broken it seems and as dad/I often have found out it is for the best most times. OH!.... those times it isn't' is often our fault. ::(:(

Been praying and will keep on praying for your entire family as so many changes are in the process now.

We'll see you folks wherever and whenever the ceremony happens for Mike. :) It is so nice to be a bit foot-loose and fancy free. :) love/prayers - mom t.