Sunday, August 23, 2015

Minimal Wardrobe

We have no drawers in the trailer. We have a closet and a tiny shelf above our bed.  Ignore the peeling trim - fixing it is on the to do list.  There is no storage space under the bed; no room to put anything extra in our room.  I kept hearing about capsule wardrobes in full timing forums.  I simply couldn't limit my choices to  one or two colors.

Michael had no trouble picking out clothes for the trailer. He put the rest into storage. I thought I had my closet whittled down. Close comparison of these two photos raised a few suspicions.
I happily loaded the clothes into a suitcase...and went a long way to filling a second. Reality hit. There was NO way I'd get two suitcases of clothes into the space in the first photo. I put the clothes back in the closet and stared at them. These were my favorite clothes. I had to reduce by another 50%. I donated several items and gave myself the freedom to put the rest in storage. 
Yes, I pack on hangars. It's nice to have the hangars and they don't wrinkle.
I decided denim was my core color. LOL Jeans, capris, shorts, jacket, skirts...and they'll go with any color shirt. I also have a pair of gray and khaki pants. They'll also go with most anything. Each piece (except the dresses) can be paired several different ways. As for winter - I'll add long sleeves and jackets - included here.  I narrowed down the shoes to these and a pair of shower shoes, sandals and tennis shoes. Michael said he thought this would fit in the trailer. I'm not 100% sure.
The shoes and sock proved to be the hardest to downsize. I did NOT donate any socks to Airmen's Attic. I pitched them. LOL These socks prompted Stacia to suggest we buy a pair of socks from each stop, rather than a magnet. I approve - not sure the rest of the family will.
New Mexico, Arizona
To the above I added jeans, workout clothes and undergarments. It all fit in one suitcase. Why a suitcase? Because the trailer isn't here to pack!  It's not a capsule, but it will work. 
I still have never soaked in this tub. Why soak inside when you have a backyard onsen? LOL We stored the mattresses from the trailer here - ready to camp out at home until we can load into the trailer.  And all my clothes are in that one suitcase.

I keep reminding myself this downsizing, this tiny living - is all training to live in a small Japanese apartment. We can do this. We can do this with a sense of humor and joy.


Me said...

I don't know if my original comment went through. Switch to metal hangers for the light weight stuff! They will save a huge amount of space compared to the bulky plastic hangers.

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Kelly said...

I am impressed! I take more than that on a 2 week vacation lol.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I know! What AM I going to wear on the cruise. I had to quit thinking about that or I would never have gotten it down. We won't be doing formal dining....I think lounging is in our future. LOL