Sunday, August 23, 2015

No Sabbath Rest

There was no Sabbath Rest in our home today. None. We all worked - all day. But I think we're ready for the movers.

She took the second line down...."is faith that's been shaken"
The boys continue to sort through trailer stuff
The surround sound is none
It took a lot of work to produce this picture. Stacia's trailer tub. She'll also have two shelves. Every item we had to make a decision on - storage, Airmen's Attic, Caboose - came with a story.

Finally, we think we're ready.....the white slips say "Please don't pack."

We still can't figure out how to safely carry five bikes with us. We've looked at Thule, Yakima and Swagman bumper/hitch/carriers.  Michael even called and talked with Swagman. We thought we were ready to purchase, until reading what others have experienced on a couple of forums. Most recommend a roof carrier over the bumper carrier....but our roof is VERY high....and I'm not sure they'd be much more stable on our roof. We could put them in the back of the van - but that would fill up most our storage space.  We are considering something between the trailer and van...or the front of the van...or leaving the bikes at home...or leaving the books and food at home....

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Renee said...

I would use masking tape and put LARGE Xs to keep the doors from being opened. Packers get into a mode and might not notice a small sign