Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Day at the Beach - Brookings Harbor/Chetco Point

What to do with a beautiful SATURDAY? I needed to buy groceries - still can't fit a week of produce and meat in the trailer for our family. Michael suggested we drive to Brookings, investigate the beach and buy our groceries and gas in Oregon.

After confirming we could not get the Ducks game at the Caboose, we headed up the road. We tried out a few campgrounds along the way. A state park which SAID there were "limited RV spots" and an "RV turnaround". Whooee - we were thankful we did not have the Caboose with us - we didn't even see a spot where a very small trailer or Class C could have parked. It was good to know now. The other park was the Beachfront RV Park in Brookings-Harbor.  There are actually about five clustered around the public access beach. The Beachfront RV Park  is a giant parking lot, with laundry, showers and a store, right on the beach. We need to start doing some research for parks or campgrounds up 101.
What's not to love about an 82* day at the beach?????

We contemplated, corporately and individually, that we were 3000 miles due west of Misawa and Japan.



We watched fishing boats trawl the harbor and bigger ships return from a day at sea.

Go Coast Guard!
As we walked along the beach - in front of a  parked row of RVs - we visited  with the folks out watching the beach and enjoying cool drinks.  We struck up a conversation with Harvey and Judy, which ended up with three of us being invited to tour their Newmar Class A Diesel Pusher. Nice wheels. It was obviously built better than the Palazzo and Damons we've looked at - much heftier price to go with the Amish workmanship too.  Nolan and Alex had gone ahead to check prices at the park office for us. When we didn't show up they turned back looking for us....walked all the way to the end to the pier and wondered what could have happened. Imagine their surprise when they called and we told them we were inside the beautiful Newmar across from the stairs to the beach. LOL

We avoided the taffy, fudge and hot dogs, although when at the beach one MUST find a fish and chip joint - which we did.

Following the highway signs brought us next to Chetco Point. I'll admit, it didn't look promising  - a path beside and behind a sewer treatment plant. Looks were deceiving in this instance.  My ankle wasn't up to much more hiking or climbing rocks - so I found a nice bench with an ocean view and watched people, birds, dogs, and the ocean. Here are some photos from the rest of the family's adventure.

Note - once outside of the Redwood basin, I had cell reception which explains the replies to texts during the afternoon and the cessation of texts once again. Email or FB is going to the best way to reach us while we're here - or call Nolan's Trac Phone - it seems to get good reception wherever we are.

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