Friday, September 11, 2015

McCloud Dance Country RV Resort

The first thing we noticed were rampaging seniors apparently intent on capturing and hoarding picnic tables. We quickly secured our table from the mob. We suspect its demise is planned when we leave. They have erected shade canopies over two long rows of table and one row is conspicuously short a table - yet is covered by shade.  We're at our first "RV Resort." We had planned to stay at Castle Crags State Park, but noted the  21 ft maximum trailer length. Samantha, the GPS, found us the Dance Country RV Resort.  We pulled in and quickly decided we'd stay one night, instead of two.  We also noted a distinct lack of children - a serious defect in Stacia's  estimation.  
The park is lush green, nestled amongst fir trees in the shadow of Mt. Shasta. Laundry is $1.50 a wash and $1.00 per 10 min of drying time. A creek meanders through the impeccably kept grounds. It's quiet - quiet hours run from 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 a.m. - the longest we've seen.  They gave a 10% military discount,  have showers and intermittent wifi.

A row of darling cabins grace the rear of the property and a field of tents rest apart from the RVs.  

What's not to like?
It's very crowded. The rates are the highest we've paid so far. Seriously, this would be a great park if they'd take 30-50% of the sites away.

Tent Site - $28 per night

Water & electric - back in - $37 per night

Full-hookup - back in 30 amp $40 per night

Full hook up - back in 50 amp- $44 per night

Pull through full-hookups  with 50 amp - $44 per night

There is a $2 kid tax added per child - which they didn't charge us. We did receive a 10% military discount bringing our rate to $39 a night.

It was a lovely spot to spend a night.  It would be a good base camp to explore the area. Visit their website here

Fun Fact: Michael noted the wifi was screaming when we arrived. At 8 p.m. everyone went inside (group think is strong) and the wifi died. Moral of the story - keep the octogenarians outside talking.

Stacia wonders why they call it, Dance Country RV Park, "It's mostly old people who aren't going to be dancing, anyway."

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