Saturday, September 12, 2015

Traveling Style

There are numerous traveling styles in the full-time RV world. Some cover big swatches of space, driving 8 - 12 hours in a day, and spend a week in one spot - others just a day -exploring the area. Some never travel - staying immobile for months on end (those with a stationary job or snow birds come to mind). Many have a travel goal in mind: hit all 48 states in one year, visit all baseball stadiums, visit all state capitals or visit all interstate rest areas.  We were warned many burn out on full-timing as they fail to see the difference between traveling and a  LIFESTYLE of full-time RVing. We are currently finding our own travel style.

Decades ago I didn't give it much thought when Michael wanted to "retire in an RV." It fell in the same category as, "have a large family" did,  way in the future to think about. ::snort::  Recently, he talked of staying in Crescent City until we went to Japan - I envisioned us immobile for months. In May, I understood his idea was to explore new areas at a leisurely pace, spending a few weeks or a month in Crescent City then  moving on to investigate and coming back periodically.

Our general travel goal is to connect with family and see new things. We thought we'd spend this fall in the NW connecting with family, the summer in the south,  spring and summer in the  north and possibly NW again  and eventually spend a considerable amount of time on the eastern seaboard and NE - visit the 13 colonies, D.C. etc. while we waited for medical issues to clear so we could pursue being missionaries in Japan.  With the specter of being recalled to active duty hanging over our heads, plans are in flux. We are going as far as we can and return to Beale in a "reasonable" amount of time.  We are on TERMINAL LEAVE and can technically go where we want until we get "the call." One doc is concerned we should stay local in case Michael has complications weaning off his meds; the neurologist told us to "live our life" - she knew that included RVing and cruising  - we are trying to do that and still be available if the  military doc wants us back "now."

Here are a few glimpses into a travel day with the Gherkins. We've learned to move all heavy items to the front of the trailer when we travel. This makes for great fun if the GPS is left on our bed. LOL

This is our current set up: all but one bench seat is removed from the van. A table is mounted where the front seat used to be. This allows the kids to watch movies, write, do a bit of school work on travel days.

The rear is about 50% of bikes at this point; one rides in the trailer. I think we are going to get a bike rack which will carry two bikes.

How far are we traveling in a day? When we made the Beale to Eugene trip 8 hours a day. That isn't comfortable for Michael's health and we've determined to plan for much shorter drive days. Most of us really enjoy shorter drive days. This trip from Beale to Crescent City - which usually takes us 1 day/8 hours - took 3 days.  ::snort:: Day 1 we drove 200 miles to  McCloud and spent a night in the shadow of Mount Shasta. Eventually, we'll research and plan a longer trip to Shasta, this time it was a pit stop on the way to another destination.  Day 2 we stopped in Obrien, OR and Day 3 we had less than 50 miles to drive.  This week we add school to our lifestyle.  I wanted to be set for a couple of weeks in one we didn't take the time we plan to take discovering the areas we pass through.

We are adjusting to NOT being on vacation - we can go as slow or fast as we want. Of course, just as we begin to adjust we realized it will all change if we get "the call." LOL
Note: The call referred to in this post is to return to active duty and face a medical evaluation board - not the call to go to Japan as missionaries.


Debbie said...

Looks like you are working out the details for your new lifestyle. I remember reading an RV blog once that said that you will pretty much settle into a similar pattern that you lived at stationary home....if you had a lot of stuff, you would have a lot of stuff, if you lived simply, you would live simply, that sort of thing. Made sense that just because you decide to live in an RV didn't mean you would totally change who you were.

During one of our RVing stints at Little Rock AFB, we had that opportunity to chat with many retired military fulltime-RVers. One couple only traveled 150 miles a day (give or take). I thought that was a good goal to keep. :-)

Love reading about how you are all adjusting.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I agree. We did simplify greatly - we wanted to and it was good motivation to do so....but yes, we are finding ways to carry on the most meaningful things for us....though we do have a microwave and television now - new items to us. LOL

I think 150 - 200 miles is a good amount.....stop before Michael is in too much pain, the kids are still happy and we don't have to make as many lunch and potty breaks. LOL