Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Our First Rainy Day

We woke to our first rainy day as full-timers. I quickly realized a few things, 1. I should have found room for my fur-lined crocs! WHAT WAS I THINKING?, 2. I was GLAD only shower shoes were in the outside bin and the family hasn't wholly embraced my shoe solution, 3. the trailer is a great place to spend a rainy day.

Ours days are falling into a routine. I wake up before all and start the hot water....this motivates the others to climb out of their warm bunks at a "decent hour" for school.

Yes, she did school in PJS. She was "waiting for the rain to stop to take a shower." She's adjusted to weather in our part of CA. Michael shared with her the truth that in the NW - the rain is different than Beale. It will stay around. It will mist all day interspersed with big down pours. She held out until lunch and finally ran to the showers with me in the rain.  A fun memory.

Rainy Day S'mores - graham cracker crust, cake, marshmallow, more cake

The rain continued into the afternoon.  Stacia is done with school much earlier than the boys. Today we made Rainy Day S'mores. When all had lunch and reached a "break" spot - we went over to Mom G's for a few hours. We helped with a few chores, visited, delivered our baked goodies, and the kids explored the river in the rain.
Bikes are safe
The evening was filled with baking Veggie Pot Pie - which took a long time for some odd reason - and watching the CNN Presidential Debate.

It was a cozy, family-filled, great first rainy day in the Caboose.

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Debbie said...

Sounds wonderful! Those S'more cupcakes look amazing. Yum!