Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The One Where Family Gets Involved in Organizing

I woke up this morning and simply could NOT believe we are LIVING in The Caboose. It was a good disbelief. We are still amazingly over-crowded and unorganized.
Yuuki and I took a beautiful 3 mile walk along the McKenzie River. I also started a couple of loads of laundry. I washed Yuuki's bedding (which she didn't totally appreciate, everyone else does) and the curtains from our home.
Ah the visual clutter - we're working on it
When everyone finally began to rouse, we tried out the showers. Stacia and I can take 3 min showers. The others could - but they seemed to think the 9 min limit on the free showers invites one to luxuriate after finishing the essential "get clean" 3 min part of the shower.
BreAnne took the day off of work and we savored spending time with her!

We headed over to Mom and Dad's next and unloaded 3 van seats, 8 suitcases, and several tubs and boxes of books we may need before we are ready to see ALL of our household goods again.
I hoped to work on a project while we visited. I thought the curtains from our bedroom and the patio could be repurposed to curtains for the kids bunks. They are good quality black out curtains and we need curtains it made sense to use them rather than store them. Mom took pity on my unorthodox cutting methods and together we finished the project. To be honest, I sewed up one set and then it was time to run to lunch. She sewed the other two sets. ::snort::

We stopped at Best Buy and bought a wifi range extender - BEST BUY EVER. I feel much more at peace if I know others can reach us - and I can reach others. Found out many of you feel the same way about being able to reach us.  We looked around for a Vita mix.
We left Yuuki at Mom and Dad's while we went to lunch. She was having a great time with their two pugs and we thought she'd be happier waiting there than in the van. Turns out she seems to be worried we'd finally left her. I've not seen her so excited in years. She ran around and around us when we returned.

We all went to dinner at Jung's Mongolian Grill .....well except for Arielle who had college, work study, then work at Fred Myers. After dinner we headed to Fred Myers to pick up a few things so we can begin to sort out the caboose - curtain rods, COMMAND HOOKS and COMMAND VELCRO STRIPS.  We found Arielle and tormented her - though she was happy to see us all - even with the group of fellow-trainees around her.
Back at the trailer, we hung curtains, moved stuff from one spot to another again and installed with wifi extender.

We really need to find a day or two to focus solely on organizing. The visual clutter is wearing on me - but I expected it. I will continue to choose joy while we wait for the magical moment when we're settled.

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Loving following your journey!