Tuesday, September 01, 2015


We're in OREGON for five days. We brought a load of stuff up to family, so we can load the things at Matt and Rachel's into the trailer. This is our "shake-down" trip -  a chance for us to discover what is working, and what isn't working, before we get too far away from our tether.


We've discovered the trailer is VERY squirrely. We stopped a couple of times and rearranged the load. We've never had  a problem with this before, but today was positively faith enhancing. I think the pass-through storage in the rear is a design flaw. A trailer should have 60% of the weight in front of the axle  - but the big storage compartment is at the very back of the trailer.

We've discovered you can park RIGHT UNDER THE WIFI ROUTER and still not get wifi.

We've discovered if you PACK TIGHTLY things won't spill over and run down your walls.

Yes, that IS a couch pillow!
We've discovered Krista and Arielle have a darling house - and are great cooks. They treated us to Veggie Pot Pie and Chicken.  We unloaded our pantry and a box of things Arielle had left behind.

We've discovered we like Armitage County Park/Campground...nice campground right on the McKenzie River...and our home for three nights.

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Laura said...

great discoveries all around! :D