Thursday, September 03, 2015

Work and Family

Arielle is going to college full-time, doing a 10 hour a week work study, and working at Fred Myers. The available time to visit with her on this trip is at a premium.  We saw her at dinner the night we arrived, and this a.m. we drove across town and met her for breakfast.

We were able to spend time with BreAnne yesterday and today Krista worked 1/2 a day and was able to join us at the trailer. She was JUST what I needed. She is an organizational whiz and was able to help organize the boxes still left in the trailer. It will be fun to remember her help as we benefit from the new "homey" feeling.

I need to buy some wire to hang more photos with command hooks - but we're getting there.

We've been on the road four days - today we looked at a new rig and took our first load to St. Vincent's.  We'll soon have all this stuff situated - in time to pick up the remainder of our possessions at Matt and Rachel's.

The kids are already finding their "happy places" in the trailer.

This afternoon we met my parents at the theater and watched, "War Room."  Another great movie from the Kendrick brothers. We met Bre, Will and Sherri over at Mom and Dad's for dinner and the Seattle Seahawks game.

Some played games and did nails instead.

We got a lot done towards settling today. The bathroom is totally reorganized, all the boxes are gone, water filter is installed....this is one of my favorites:

Tomorrow we head down the road a couple of hours. I'm not sure if we'll have wifi again until Sunday evening.

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