Friday, September 25, 2015

#WYFF - Relocating to Washington State - Day 1

Day one of relocating found us packing up and driving to Oregon.
Our two week stay in Hiouchi was fantastic. It was wonderful for many reasons - first and foremost spending time with Mom G, unseasonably warm weather, reconnecting with Dave and Hope, amazing excursions, and all that we accomplished to make our new lifestyle more comfortable. We finished hanging pictures, continued to organize our tiny space, ordered a few things we found we wanted, and started school.  We still have repairs we need to finish in the trailer - but it really is feeling like home.

Yes, I was sad to pull away....but happy to know we'd see the kids shortly.
We spent the night in Will and Sherri's driveway. This is the closest we've come to boondocking. We love Mrs. McCoy - their neighbor. She remembered us from last time and always comes out and stops traffic for us so we can back into the driveway. This time she brought over a watermelon too.

We were able to see my parents, my brother and his wife (Will & Sherri), BreZaak, Krista and Lori.
Mom and Dad were having a garage sale and I even put an inflatable inner tube in it that we knew we didn't want - it sold. We did a couple loads of laundry and visited. Nadine was participating in the garage sale so it was fun to visit with her again.  John came over and chatted with Michael. He is still officially Michael's chaplain endorser.

Krista came over when she got off work.  We had  a quick girls outing to the trailer. Stacia had forgotten a gift she'd made....we may have taken a detour.

When we arrived, we texted family in the area the name of a restaurant and a time....I think 13 were able to make it - our waiter was racing. The only ones who couldn't make it at the last minute were Arielle (working), Mikhail and Elizabeth (nephew and niece). We'll try to catch them another time.

Arielle was working all afternoon/evening - so after dinner we trooped over to line up in her checkout lane.  We sure miss her.

The kids came over to the Caboose for a bit of a visit...and the day was over. It was a quick visit - but it was a great way to end a travel day.

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