Wednesday, September 23, 2015


We've established a routine which is working well for us. School in the early hours; explore or visit with Mom G in the afternoon/evening. We end many nights visiting around the campfire late into the night.

I've noted how productive we seem to be this year. A friend pointed out, and I wholeheartedly agree, it's not so much the location (trailer) as it is the season. We are focused on family right now - that's  our sole focus until told to do other.  The wifi is often down here. There is no cell reception - so no calls or texts. When we're schooling - we're schooling. I'm not distracted so the kids aren't distracted. I'm not trying to work on board agendas, answer calls, respond to emails, plan Bible studies etc  between lessons.  

This is also a season which is calling forth the MAXIMUM need to flex! Semper Gumby. Just when we have a routine which rocks - we're hitting the road again. It makes me sad to think our time here is coming to an end, for now. BUT it makes me happy to think of spending some days with Josiah in Washington!  I'm not sure what school will look like - but I continue to be amazed we are doing just fine and getting EVERYTHING done.

Bike rides along the Redwood Highway and in Jedediah Smith State Park are very motivating extra-curricular activities when reading a biography on Jed Smith. It was fun to watch the light-bulb come on for Stacia. 

"Hey Mom, Jed Smith, that's the same as the Smith River we've been swimming in."

Pretty proud of taking these while riding a bike and they are focused....and I don't have a point and click. LOL

I'll admit when the motorhome went by throwing rocks and creating a sucking feel - I nearly wet my pants.  No one else is admitting to this scenario.
Before we left on our ride, I'd sliced the veggies, made a fruit salad and formed patties. We were ready to take all the fixins and our grill across the river to Mom G's. Another fun night of hearing stories and connecting the generations.

Dinner at Mom G's

Result of someone grabbing the camera and catching me in a yawn!

Viva la Kindle

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