Saturday, December 19, 2015

One Hundred and one Caches

Our goal is to find 100 caches by the end of the year.  We had 98 finds and decided to head out and see if we could find two more geocaches. We picked ones near Arielle's work so she could join the fun and still make it to work.

Do we look inconspicuous? 

I take random photos so passerbys think we're just crazy tourists and not geocachers. 

"Dressed to the Nines" - our 99th find.

 We had the coordinates of two more - surely we'd find our 100th.

It was odd to us that all of these were in residential areas - in people's YARDS. This is new to us. We're usually out at parks, woods etc.  Our next cache was titled, "For the Birds." It was a puzzle cache. We found it!  The owner came out to talk to us as we signed the log. This was also a first.  She gave us several ideas of other caches to check out in the area.

Our One Hundredth Find

Our last one was across the main road - but fairly close. We knew it was in someone's yard and our clue was "H2O."  Our gps sent us to a yard which had a pump handle for the mail box.....the gentleman working in the driveway didn't seem friendly and we were leery to start looking around his mailbox. It turns out the cache was across the street in a water meter......
 Our One Hundred and First Find! 

Success! We texted to see if Dad and Mom wanted to meet up. We didn't hear back, so we stopped by. Mom's house is Christmas central. We had a nice visit. Dad gave us little, tiny, teeny lights for our trailer tree.

Arielle headed to work. We headed home for dinner and Ishtar.....and spent some happy time watching the Carbanaro Effect You Tube Channel.

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