Monday, February 22, 2016

Boo Yay Game

Monday - Monday.....

Michael drove to Sacramento for a dental appointment at the VA clinic.  It was odd  they booked another appointment for six months out. We were TOLD this was a one-time benefit....though medical and dental may be available at the VA after his disability is rated.

The rest of us DID SCHOOL - big time school.....

Stacia finished first, and she and I rode our bikes to the library to pick up a few selections we need for school in the upcoming weeks.

"Courageous Joy" was "Choosing Joy" for 9 1/2 years before the blog name changed. Choosing joy is a familiar theme around here. Deliberately looking for and choosing to focus on the joy in a situation has changed my life.  I loved how Victoria trained herself and her children to choose joy - the Boo Yay game. I explained the game to the home team here - I think it may be a better training tool than Mom always supplying the "yay" to their "boo."  Or my endless lists at the end of the day - "Give me three things you are thankful for....." This changes the habit in real time!'s been a terrible day's over!

Boo....there are no parking spots
Yay.....we can sing another chorus of "It's the song that never ends....."

Today I heard a Boo.....we're still here at Beale - when can we travel?

Yay....the weather is BEAUTIFUL. We are close enough to ride our bikes to the library and BX. We are done with school - let's go.

What about you? Care to give the Boo Yay game a try? It becomes automatic....and is fun for all ages!

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