Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Kites

This is not an anniversary post (Michael is writing that one), but it is a post sharing part of our Valentine's Day.  Things are always SO crowded on Valentine's Day that we often celebrate our anniversary with dinner on a different day. 

Today, we enjoyed a great morning at church....came back to the trailer and grilled lunch and flew kites..... 

We love the "Beale Blackbirds RC club" air strip out here by fam camp. It's a wide open spot suited for flying Nolan's RC plane, and kites too. 

My Tie Dye kite from Florence - thank you again, Michael - it makes me smile

Spectacular Dragon Kite....takes way longer to assemble

Yuukie is more concerned with guarding this hole than the kites
Bi-plane Kite
Too much wind for the typical "stick" kites - the legs and tie dye are like wind socks....

These great tables are wonderful places to repair kites

The  "legs," a kite given us by my cousin, Launny, is the BEST kite of all.  It literally flies out of the assembly flies in little wind and in gusts of wind.....we need to find more like it. I enjoy watching others when they see a pair of legs in the sky. LOL  The others are awfully pretty, but they sure are challenging to keep in the air.

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