Wednesday, March 16, 2016

VA Round 2

Today, I conquered fear. I drove to Sacramento, at 0830, with Michael as the passenger. Why? Because this is the week he is doubling the patch of  Neupro and we aren't sure how it will effect him. One fairly normal problem of the drug is sleep attacks.  I think I kept him on the edge of his seat. I do not like to be "pinned in" and driving in lane three of six....stretched me. BUT I made it there in 45 minutes, with very few close-your-eyes-and-squeal moments.
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I enjoyed the conversations swirling around me during Michael's VA appointment. I got to listen and smile encouragingly as a vet of the Pacific Theater of WW2, the European Theater of  WW2 and Viet Nam shared stories and opinions.  We have just finished studying this time period. It was fascinating. These men and women provide a national legacy. All in all I had a very enjoyable time at the VA clinic.

Michael emerged with the diagnosis' of the active duty doctor's confirmed. He has some service connected hearing loss.  We're crossing the t's and dotting in the i's.  I think there are two more appointments next week.

Back at Fam Camp I had conversations with THREE fellow campers - always fun.  Betty, shared good advice about traveling with medical conditions - we may think of finding a civilian PCM in the near future...they make it SO much easier to schedule appointments! ::snort::  She also told me they regularly stay at the RV Park we are trying to get into for the month of April. They'll be there in May.  Randy, shared interesting info about the new Tanker group/squadron or some such classification standing up here, and Nick, Chelsea and Rosie are always  fun to chat with. Nick is incredibly handy and it's been fun to see all the upgrades and changes they've made to their rig.

I bought raw peanuts...raw nuts are good, right? The bag said to roast them before eating them. Whaaaat? This sort of worked.....I guess I'm going to have to oven - roast a bunch of peanuts tomorrow.

S'mores and stars - such a perfect combination. We love sitting out and watching the stars over the fields out here....Michael is reading through Patrick McManus around the campfire. Tonight we read about removing fishing hooks from friends and "it had a lot to do with Earls....," from A Fine and Pleasant Misery.   I was desperate to warm my chilled feet......

Where else can you warm your feet and cook dessert at the same time? 

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Renee said...

Scott has service connected hearing loss as well... but he got no VA disabiity rating for that. I think because it was not within speech range?
Most of his rating comes from moderate-severe sleep apnea (I always wonder about the burning oil fields of Kuwait) plus a small amount for a wrist and something else