Sunday, April 17, 2016

Uncle Josiah Meets Bella

Our family has a couple of traditions when a new baby is born. 1. the baby gives all the siblings a gift when he/she comes home and 2. the siblings bake a "birthday" cake and bring it to the hospital to share on their first visit to see and hold the new baby. 

Knowing Josiah was coming down today, Bre suggested we bring the cake over Krista had made earlier. 

Izaak, Bre and Bella
Uncle Josiah meets Bella

Bella is 5 days old
 We took some baby leg pictures just for "Aunty" Beth

Sweet times
 Aunt Krista was happy to sneak in a bit of loving time too. LOL 

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Anonymous said...

HI: Our hearts are full! Love seeing the G'children AND the great'G'children. Perfect in all ways! I predict from seeing her legs etc that she is going to be a bit tall. Beautiful I could say., love/prayers to all. G'Ma/G'G'Ma too.